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Canon Elph 24-48mm Zoom

Canon Elph 24-48mm Zoom

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Everything seems to be in working order except for the flash. Zoom in/out, auto film advance/return, viewfinder selections, shutter/button, top screen, and film/battery door all work. If you have questions about this camera please do not hesitate to ask :).

*All Offers Welcome*


This product made its debut in 1996, and was hot selling item at that time due to its latest features at that time. The initial IX 240 camera from Canon, which at the time was the smallest autofocus zoom compact camera in existence.

Drop-in film insertion is quite straightforward. Even after development, the film (24mm width) is kept inside the cartridge.

For small size, the camera features a highly integrated design. Utilizing both active and passive autofocusing, the 24-48mm zoom lens offers hybrid focusing. The tiny built-in flash instantly extends and retracts. For a sense of luxury, the exterior is built of stainless steel alloy SUS. The IXY quickly became popular after its release.

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