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Canon Elph Z3

Canon Elph Z3

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Everything seems to be in working. Zoom in/out, auto film advance/return, sliding lense cover, viewfinder selections, shutter/button, back screen, and film/battery door all work. If you have questions about this camera please do not hesitate to ask :).

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The revolutionary "box-and-circle" design and incredibly small "card-size" chassis of the Canon IXY i, which is the third generation of the IXY camera series, ushers in a new era in Advance Picture Technology compact camera architecture.

With a modern, cutting-edge design that contrasts a soft, rounded aluminium body covering with chrome-plated fittings, the IXY i distinguishes itself from its forerunners. The unique capsule-shaped body of the new, tough but lighter device has a slim-line 2:1 aspect ratio for exceptional portability and attractive appeal. It also introduces for the first time a neat folding lens cover that guards the lens against scratching.

The 23.5-54mm 2.3x zoom lens on the IXY i, which is similar to a 29-68mm zoom lens on a 35mm camera, provides the camera with enhanced efficiency in a range of shooting situations. In addition, Canon's passive 3-point AiAF (Artificial intelligence Automatic Focusing) system has become the first combined AF/AE (Auto-Focus/Auto-Exposure) CMOS detector in the entire globe.

A big LCD operating display panel is positioned on the back of the device and is illuminated for simple operation even in dim lighting, improving user convenience and camera capability.

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