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Canon Sure Shot Tele

Canon Sure Shot Tele

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I am unable to test this camera. I do not have any CR5 (Takes 2) batteries to test all of the electronic functions. 

If you have questions about this camera please do not hesitate to ask :).

*All Offers Welcome*


Canon released a highly intriguing point-and-shoot autofocus camera in 1986. The award-winning Sure Shot Supreme's double focal length sister, the 2.8/40mm 4e/3g offered a sharp, contrasty lens that, with the flip of a switch on the back, changed to a 4.9/70mm 7e/6g lens. My preferred focal length is 40mm; I find that most P&S cameras' standard 35mm is a little bit too wide. A soft focus filter for that distinctive 80s portrait style, multiple exposure capability, a self-timer, an LCD frame clock, and backlight adjustment are all included. A flash switch with ON, OFF, and AUTO modes is also available. The lens barrel's (40.5mm) threading allows for the attachment of a filter or an additional lens hood, which is absolutely fantastic.

Using the aid of a loud motor, the entire lens barrel stretches forward to provide a very comfortable grip when switching to the 70mm focal length. When using the 40mm focal length, the Sure Shot Tele offers a wide variety of exposure options, from 1/8s at f2.8 to 1/500s at f22. Exposure times for 70mm cameras range from 1/3s at f/4.9 to 1/350s at f/27. the 50–1600 ASA range

The typical early P&S drawbacks exist: Although I have a limited supply of batteries for my EOS 50 SLR and several of my other Sure Shot cameras, the camera has a noisy film advance and requires a costly 2CR5 6V lithium battery to operate.

The Sure Shot Tele is a fantastic P&S camera for everyday usage. The lens is sharp and contrasty, as with most Sure Shots, and image quality is often consistent across the 40mm and 70mm focal lengths. With a very ergonomic, non-slip grip, the size and weight are just right—neither too small nor too light. The viewfinder is sufficiently large for a clean, precise vision, and it has the customary green and red LED indicators to confirm focus acquisition, the necessity for flash, etc. Although it has prefocus capabilities, the AF system is rather quick and precise, albeit it occasionally seemed to struggle for no apparent reason.

This P&S camera, which is frequently available on eBay, is a pretty capable one if one can look past its peculiar appearance. Mine was 0.99 GBP plus shipping and came with the genuine Canon case.

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