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Canon Sure Shot Z115

Canon Sure Shot Z115

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This camera takes 2 CR123A batteries. Everything seems to be functional. Zoom in/out, auto film advance/return (unable to test w/o film but should work), shutter/button, back screen, and film/battery door all work. If you have questions about this camera please do not hesitate to ask :).

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Best-in-class small autofocus zoom camera. The aluminium front cover gives it a luxurious appearance. There are two colours on the exterior. You can choose between the standard and panorama photo formats. (Only available in Japanese) The top and bottom of the image area are totally hidden in the viewfinder when in panoramas mode.

Ten elements in nine groups make up the lens. The 38-115mm f/3.6-8.5 lens has two aspherical lens surfaces for outstanding image quality. There is also a maximum shutter speed of 1/1200 available. Real-time release enables you to seize that pivotal second. The optimal shooting mode for a given subject can be selected using the optimal Shot Dial on the camera's rear. With such premium features, this camera differs greatly from traditional zoom compacts.


The Autoboy S, a premium fully automated 35mm zoom camera, was first advertised in September 1993 in a stylish white gold edition. With an aluminium front cover, it exudes luxury. The exterior features a prominent silver die-cut Canon logo and a two-tone colour scheme. The premium 38-115mm f/3.6-8.5, 3x zoom lens uses two moulded glass aspherical lenses. Real-time release allows the quick 1/1200 sec. shutter to catch that pivotal moment. A setting Dial on the back of the camera allows you to choose the best setting for the picture you want to take. The camera also has AIAF with three-point measurement. a camera with great performance, versatility, and style.

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