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DS-Max PN-955

DS-Max PN-955

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Works well. Pretty clean. film door and camera lens door both work. shutter/button and flash both work. manual wind and manual advance both work as well. Remember to check out the rest of my shop!!! More, older or newer, cameras and accessories to come!!! Ask questions if you have them :)

*Open to all offers.* Reach out to me through Facebook or Instagram.

Note: DS-Max PN-955 - A Top-Rated Film Camera with 35mm Optical Lens, Optional Flash & Wrist Strap

The DS-Max PN-955 is a highly sought-after camera that stands out as a top-rated choice among photography enthusiasts. With its impressive specifications, including a 35mm optical lens, optional flash, and a convenient wrist strap, this camera offers a reliable and versatile experience for capturing memorable moments on film.

One of the notable features of the DS-Max PN-955 is its 35mm optical lens. This lens provides excellent image quality and sharpness, allowing users to capture stunning photographs with clarity and detail. Whether you're shooting portraits, landscapes, or close-up shots, the lens delivers reliable performance, ensuring your photos come out beautifully.

Additionally, the optional flash adds versatility to the DS-Max PN-955. When lighting conditions are low or insufficient, the flash can be attached to enhance the lighting and provide the necessary illumination for capturing well-exposed images. This feature proves especially handy in dimly lit environments or when shooting subjects at a distance.

The DS-Max PN-955 boasts an auto-focus system, which simplifies the photography process. With its autofocus capability, the camera can quickly and accurately focus on subjects, allowing for precise and effortless shooting. This feature is particularly beneficial for capturing fast-moving subjects or when you want to ensure your images are sharp and in focus.

The DS-Max PN-955 has garnered a reputation as a top-rated camera among users. Its combination of quality lens, optional flash, and user-friendly features make it a reliable choice for photographers of all skill levels. The camera's popularity is a testament to its outstanding performance and ability to consistently deliver impressive results.

Furthermore, the DS-Max PN-955 has become a highly searched item, indicating its widespread popularity and desirability. Its excellent specifications and positive reputation have contributed to its increased demand in the photography community. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a beginner looking to explore film photography, the DS-Max PN-955 offers an excellent option to consider.

In conclusion, the DS-Max PN-955 is a top-rated film camera that combines a 35mm optical lens, optional flash, and convenient wrist strap to provide photographers with an exceptional shooting experience. Its versatile features, including auto-focus, make it easy to capture stunning images with clarity and precision. With its reputation as a sought-after camera and its widespread popularity, the DS-Max PN-955 has established itself as a reliable and highly regarded choice for capturing memorable moments on film.

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