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Keystone 725 EFL

Keystone 725 EFL

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This is a simple-to-operate camera. Everything appears to be in functioning order. For some reason, I wasn't able to get the flash to go off though. This camera takes 2 AA batteries. Everything seems to be functional. The shutter/button and film/battery door all work. If you have questions about this camera please do not hesitate to ask :).

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The Keystone 725 EFL camera has made a significant contribution to photography history. It was built or constructed in the US between 1975 and 1976, marking a period of innovation and technological growth in the camera industry. For its distinctive qualities and abilities, the Keystone 725 EFL attracted attention and became popular among photographers. Even while non-specialized garage sales may not frequently have it, its rarity index in France is considered to be high. This camera, which has the inventory number 13340, bears a history that encapsulates a certain period in the development of photography.

In 1976, the Keystone 725EFL served as a prototype for the Everflash line, which would debut two years later. It has the broad dimensions typical of Keystone goods.

Two positions—indoor and outdoor—are available by a lens adjustment that alternates two eyelets that are visible behind the lens. On the gadget or in the instructions, there is no diaphragm indicator.

The latter shows that two batteries, which are placed adjacent to cartridge 126, are required for the device to function. These batteries, according to what is said, can be replaced even while a movie is playing. Simply turn away from the sun and avoid touching the cartridge! In any case, manipulation is dangerous.

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