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kodak advantix 4100 ix zoom

kodak advantix 4100 ix zoom

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Everything seems to work; flash, shutter, auto film advance, film door, zoom in and out, on and off switch, the viewfinder selections, top screen, and date finder. Uses that battery and type of film. Ask questions if you got them :)

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Type: 24mm compact camera Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co. Lens: The camera features a 1:4.5-1:8.5/30-60mm zoom lens. The lens is made of glass hybrid aspheric material, which helps in reducing aberrations and improving image quality.

Shutter: The camera is equipped with a programmed electronic shutter. It offers a range of shutter speeds from 1/6 to 1/270 of a second. This allows you to capture images with varying exposure times.

Focusing: The camera utilizes an active autofocus system, which likely uses infrared technology to determine the focus. This helps in achieving sharp and accurate focus on the subject.

Films: The camera is designed to work with APS films, which stands for Advanced Photo System. These films have a range of speeds from 50 to 1600 ASA (ISO), allowing you to capture images in various lighting conditions.

Viewfinder: The camera is equipped with a real image finder that provides a direct view of the subject. It may include parallax marks, which help with framing and composition. The viewfinder also incorporates an autofocus indicator, which helps in confirming the camera's focus lock.

Flash: The camera offers multiple flash modes, including flash on, off, or automatic. It may also support long-time synchronization, which allows you to capture images with both the flash and ambient light effectively balanced.

Dimensions: The camera has dimensions of 124 x 64 x 39 mm, indicating its compact size. These measurements provide an idea of its physical size, making it easy to carry and handle.

Weight: The camera weighs approximately 230 grams, excluding the film and CR123 3V battery. This lightweight design adds to its portability and convenience.

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