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Kodak Cameo Motor EX

Kodak Cameo Motor EX

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Everything seems to work; the shutter, top screen, viewfinder, shutter button, pop-up/down flash (not sure if the light works), and film/battery door. Not sure if the film advance or the film return work bc I don't have any spare film to test those features with. Takes 2 AAA batteries. Don't forget to check out the rest of my shop!!! More, older or newer, cameras and accessories to come!!! Ask questions if you have them :)

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The Kodak Cameo Motor EX was a compact point-and-shoot film camera introduced in the 1980s. It belonged to Kodak's popular Cameo series, known for its simplicity. The camera's sleek design made it easily portable, fitting into pockets or bags. Its built-in motor drive enabled automatic film advance, eliminating the need for manual winding. With a fixed-focus lens, it was easy to operate but limited in capturing subjects at varying distances. The Cameo Motor EX used 110 format film, known for its small size and compatibility with compact cameras. It also featured a built-in flash with manual and automatic modes. The camera's user-friendly design and compactness made it popular among casual photographers and beginners. The Kodak Cameo Motor EX played a significant role in the film photography era, providing a convenient option for capturing moments on the go.

A camera for taking pictures is the Kodak Cameo Motor EX. It was marketed to people who liked simple-to-use cameras and was sold by Kodak in the 1990s. Plastic is used to construct the camera's housing. The lens on the camera is fixed. The lens' focal length is 34 mm. The camera's largest aperture is f/4.5. The lens's focus is fixed. This lens can focus up to 120 cm away from its subject. The 35 mm camera comes equipped with an exposure metre. The ISO range for which it is intended is 100 to 1000. Both the exposure time and the aperture are automatically determined.

There is enough light coming from the built-in flash. The range is 1.2 to 3.9 metres at ISO 100. The flash on the camera takes around three seconds to charge.

A tripod thread and a built-in self-timer are features of the Kodak Cameo Motor EX. The camera has the following measurements: 12.7 x 3.3 x 6.6 cm. It is 200 grammes heavy. (Amazon/Ebay) The camera needs two AAA batteries. These also provide electricity for the LCD showing the quantity of photos and the flash's status.


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