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LexXus 35mm Camera

LexXus 35mm Camera

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Simple mechanical 35mm film camera. Advance and return work. Frame count on the bottom works. Viewfinder works. Don't forget to check out the rest of my shop!!! More, older or newer, cameras and accessories to come!!! Ask questions if you have them :)


The LexXus 35mm Camera is a compact and straightforward camera designed for enthusiasts who appreciate simplicity and the nostalgic charm of film photography. With a fixed 35mm lens and a fixed shutter speed, this camera offers a no-frills shooting experience that harkens back to the days of classic film cameras.

The 35mm f/8 lens provides a versatile focal length, ideal for capturing a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to street photography. The fixed aperture of f/8 ensures a good depth of field, allowing for sharp focus across various distances. Whether you're capturing the grandeur of a scenic vista or the candid moments of everyday life, the lens on this camera promises to deliver reliable and consistent results.

Equipped with a fixed shutter, the LexXus 35mm Camera simplifies the process of capturing images. Without the need to adjust shutter speed settings, users can focus solely on composing their shots and capturing the desired moment. This fixed shutter speed adds to the camera's ease of use, making it an excellent choice for beginners or those seeking a no-fuss shooting experience.

Although the camera lacks a built-in battery, this can be seen as an advantage for those who prefer not to rely on batteries or deal with their occasional replacements. The absence of metering means that users will need to rely on their knowledge of exposure or use an external light meter to determine the appropriate settings for each shot. This manual approach adds to the camera's nostalgic appeal and can be a rewarding experience for those seeking a more hands-on approach to photography.

The LexXus 35mm Camera comes with a strap accessory, ensuring that it can be conveniently carried and accessed during photo outings. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it an ideal companion for capturing everyday moments or embarking on photographic adventures.

Overall, the LexXus 35mm Camera offers a no-frills shooting experience with its fixed lens, shutter, and focus, harkening back to the simplicity of traditional film photography. It is a camera that encourages users to focus on composition and the art of capturing moments rather than being overwhelmed by technical settings. With its compact design and included strap accessory, it is a reliable and convenient option for photographers looking to embrace the timeless allure of film.

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